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12 VOLT 1.2 Ah BATTERY-Battery
12V 1.2Ah Rechargeable Battery with .187 Fast-on Connectors, 1 full year replacement warranty covers this Rhino brand battery product.... [read more]   [read 3 reviews and see ratings]

Trane RLY02807 Relay Switch
The Trane RLY02807 Relay Switch is a replacement part that's compatible with the following models: AHCB0251AAA0, AHCB0251AFA0, AHCB0301AAA0, TCC042F100BA, TCC042F100BB, TCC042F100BC, WCH024B100AA, WCH024B100AB, WCH024B100AC.... [read more]   [read 6 reviews and see ratings]