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P&o Rectangular Large Double-sided Suction Cup Random Color
Instructions for use:1, insert the plug into the car cigarette lighter socket.2, the hand above the power switch control keys to control the position of the button pushed to use, push down to stop using.3, depending on different occasions, replace the nozzle.4, use of inhaled flat against the ground, to achieve better results.5, the power control button in front of the former shell device key, press down the removable shell, you are finished using or have to clean, open the front shell clean the filter, in order to extend the life of clean filters must be away from the eyes and ears.6, the use of this product is not available for inhalation of combustion products, such as the burning cigarette butts.Note:1, use the filter must be installed., Non-absorbent or water-bearing dust and carpets., Not in direct sunlight, high temperature and high pressure place.4 Do not use gasoline or highly volatile detergent, wipe the body.5, before the shell of the motor rotation can never come up.6, the product is not a toy, do not let children play alone in order to avoid danger.[Brand] Jinke Electric Model: jk-009[Power] dc-12v[Accessories] duckbill straw, brushCondition: Brand newSize30cm X 9cm X 13cmWeight: 0.6 KgMaterial: Plastic + electronic componentsColour:as pictureRandom colorSKU: 901959-A07-31-01Notice: Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting... [read more]   [read 1 reviews and see ratings]