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OTC 7703 10-Pound Slide Hammer
This heavy-duty slide hammer puller gets tough with those really stuck parts... [read more]   [read 10 reviews and see ratings]

Slide Hammers product #B000OCIVG4
5 lb... [read more]   [read 6 reviews and see ratings]

OTC 7508 17-1/2" Slide Hammer Extension
Pry bars can damage expensive aluminum transmission cases, and attempting to do the job by pulling on the axis can damage the roller bearing inside the C.V... [read more]   [read 7 reviews and see ratings]

S&G Tool Aid 81100 The Slugger In A Tool Box
It has ten of the latest and most modern engineered body pulling and pushing attachments... [read more]   [read 1 reviews and see ratings]

7 Pc Neiko Heavy Duty Auto Body Repair Kit
* Fiberglass Handle*Malleable Casting Steel*Includes: 1pc-Curved Dolly, Utility Dolly , Double End Hand Dolly, Shrink Dolly, Standard Bumping, Pick & Finish Hammer, Reverse Curve Hammer... [read more]   [read 1 reviews and see ratings]

Adapter PDR Tool for Wurth Mini Lifter
SPECIAL OFFER: all orders for this item will receive a FREE variety pack of (3) KECO glue tabs with each purchase (retail value $5.55)... [read more]   [read 3 reviews and see ratings]

Auto Emergency Hammer
  [read 1 reviews and see ratings]

Esco (ESC70150) Slide Hammer
Slide HammerFeatures and Benefits:Breaks stubborn truck tire beads with easeSpring action designPrevents kick backWedge foot is forced between the bead and the rim flange delivering a blow directly to the tipHeavy duty toolThe ESCO Slide Hammer is used to break the bead on truck tires... [read more]   [read 2 reviews and see ratings]

CTA Tools 8075 Pilot Bearing Pulller-Slide Hammer
CTA Tools 8075 Pilot Bearing Puller-Slide Hammer will remove pilot bearings from the crankshaft on all makes and models with transmission-equipped vehicles... [read more]   [read 2 reviews and see ratings]