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DEI 080140 CryO2 Intercooler Water Sprayer
DEI’s CryO2 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit was designed to be used by itself or in conjunction with DEI’s CryO2 Intercooler Sprayers as a way to super cool intercoolers.  By misting an intercooler’s surface with the Water Sprayer and then venting CO2 on the cooling fins, the intercooler is further chilled resulting in a cooler denser intake charge enhancing a vehicles performance for extended periods of time.... [read more]   [read 3 reviews and see ratings]

TurboXS Top Mount Intercooler Subaru Forester XT 04-08
TurboXS Top Mount Intercooler Subaru Forester XT 04-08The TXS TMIC for the Subaru Forester XT utilizes the same core as our highly regarded WRX TMIC... [read more]

Professional Products 70020 Powerjection III Satin Electronic Fuel Injection Kit
Powerjection III is the pioneer in direct-fit carburetor replacement EFI systems... [read more]   [read 1 reviews and see ratings]